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Giving People Battling Cancer Help Today & Hope For Tomorrow


 The Southeastern Cancer Care Grant Program provides help with basic living essentials to people who have been diagnosed with cancer in Eastern North Carolina. If you live East of I-95 and are undergoing treatment, you may qualify for our grant program. 

What We Do

We give people who have been diagnosed with cancer and live in Eastern North Carolina a little extra help today while they fight for their tomorrow.

why we do it

We believe people should not have to choose between their cancer treatment, having enough food to eat, or being able to pay their bills. Everyone fighting cancer should be able to focus on their healing journey without worrying if they will be able to make ends meet.

How we do it

Each person receives a grant that they can use for gas, groceries, paying their utility bills, or paying for oncology-prescribed medication. The person chooses when and how to use their grant, allowing them to receive the specific help they need.


“The program provided financial relief when I couldn’t pay my utility bills. Because of the program, I had a sense of hope in knowing that I am able to keep my lights and water on during my treatments.”

Breast Cancer Patient


Join our team of volunteers to support and assist cancer patients and their families. We are looking for dedicated, compassionate volunteers to help us with fundraising events, cancer survivor events, and special projects.

Hope Giver

Join an unstoppable community of monthly givers on a mission to give cancer patients a little extra help today while they fight for their tomorrow.


Ready to make an impact with the help of your friends and family, wherever they are? Create an online fundraiser to support those battling cancer today.


Cures for the Colors 
Harmony for Hope Gala

April 13, 2024 | 6 PM

The Maxwell Center

Goldsboro, NC


Cures for the Colors

Survivor Banquet

June 22 2024 | 10 AM

The Maxwell Center

Goldsboro, NC 

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