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The goal of our program is to eliminate obstacles that prevent patients from accessing care and minimize the financial burden on patients and their families.

Program Qualifications

  • Be actively undergoing treatment for cancer - including radiation, chemotherapy, or within 3 months of an oncology related surgery.

  • Live in North Carolina east of Interstate 95 or in a county that has I-95 within its boundaries.

  • Meet the income requirements. Our program uses the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Assets are not used to determine the level of assistance received.

To Apply

Patient Survey

If you were enrolled in our grant program in 2023, we want your feedback. Please click on the button below and fill out a brief survey about your experience. All responses will be kept confidential and will not impact your grant in any way. 


Please allow 72 hours for your application to be processed. We are not an emergency fund and cannot provide immediate assistance. Please remember you must actively be on treatment to qualify for the program. If you are currently on treatment, please submit your application as soon as possible to ensure you meet all qualifications. If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation within the past 10 years, you will not be eligible for assistance. If you fail a drug test while enrolled in the program, your assistance is immediately terminated, and you will not be eligible to reapply.

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