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Rain Doesn’t Dampen Cures for the Colors

Despite challenging weather conditions, Southeastern Cancer Care, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing basic living essentials to individuals fighting cancer, successfully hosted its annual Cures for the Colors Color Run, rallying the community for a day of resilience and support.

The event, held on September 23rd, brought together an astounding 600 registered participants, with over 100 individuals bravely defying the elements to run or walk, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the cause.

Together, over $45,000 was raised to help those battling cancer. Rain or shine, participants came together in a display of solidarity and determination, proving that cancer cannot dampen the spirit of compassion and generosity. Tommy Brown Jr. emerged as the top male overall finisher, running in support of his friends and family members who have battled cancer. Meanwhile, Cora Crawford claimed the title of top overall female finisher and Kyler Chism, secured the position of the top under-18 finisher.

In addition to recognizing the athletic achievements of the participants, Southeastern Cancer Care also celebrated the incredible fundraising efforts of its supporters. The fundraising team Clerks Care, a group of individuals from Julie Whitfield’s Clerk of Court office, earned the esteemed title of Top Fundraiser. Their dedication and hard work raised over $3,000 in honor of two of their coworkers who are currently battling cancer.

When asked about why she braved the weather to come out to the race, participant, Colleen Kosinski said, “Was there a tropical storm? Yes. But we were reminded of the storms in life the patients – cancer warriors go through each day and today we took on the storm and won.”

The success of the Cures for the Colors Color Run demonstrates the power of community and the collective determination to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. With the funds raised from the event, Southeastern Cancer Care will continue its mission of providing basic living essentials and support to individuals facing the challenges of cancer.

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